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Below are the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not shown on this page please use the "Ask A Question" link and send it to us.

1. How can I join BACCN?

You can join BACCN in three ways:

  • Apply online here
  • Fill in a BACCN application form, this can be downloaded here.
  • Call BACCN 0844 800 8843 to receive an application form by post.
2. What is a link member?

A Link Member is a member of the BACCN that is happy to promote the BACCN in their unit/hospital by putting up posters and membership application forms in coffee areas, to encourage new members.

3. How can I become a BACCN Link Member for my unit/hospital?

Please email BACCN’s Membership Administration via and they will arrange for a link members literature pack to be sent out to you.

4. How long does BACCN membership run for?

Membership is for one year, although two year membership is also available at a  slightly discounted rate.

5. How can I pay for my membership to BACCN?

You can pay by direct debit when applying online or by sending your application form by post.
BACCN also accepts payment by card over the phone. 

6. What are the benefits once I have joined BACCN?

Membership to the BACCN has many benefits:

  • Free BACCN Journal ''Nursing in Critical Care'' - 6 times per year (RRP £66)
  • Reduced rates at all BACCN study days and conferences
  • Access members-only awards and grants
  • Support for your views and concerns at a national level - we lobby on your behalf!
  • Be part of a nationally recognised professional organisation
  • Benefit from networking with other critical care nurses in your region
  • E-Newsletter 6 times per year
  • BACCN website - share in the members-only section, including members message board
  • Keep up to date with current practice and new developments - enhance your career
7. Can I only attend study events taking place in my own region?

No you are welcome to attend study events that are taking place in any of our regions.

8. How many Journals would I received once a member of BACCN?

A member will received six journals per year (RRP £66)

9. Can I choose which BACCN region I’m assigned to?

You will automatically be assigned to a region based upon where you work (or where you live if you are not currently employed). You can however change your region by emailing your membership number and your preferred region through to 

10. What should I do if I’m interested in joining my regional committee?

Please email BACCN’s Membership Administration via

11. If I have an enquiry how do I get in touch?

Enquiries to the BACCN are welcome and we will try our best to provide you with helpful information. At times we may point you in another direction to gain the information you require and on some occasions we may not be able to respond to your query. This enquiry service is aimed at BACCN members, although on some occasions we may be able to respond. Thank you for considering this service.  Please use our Contact Us Page to drop us an email.