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Posted by Administrator on November 24, 2017

BACCN November Twitter Chat report

November's BACCN Twitter #icusepsis chat was brought to you whilst representing BACCN at the ASPiH 2017 conference in Telford - a new experience for @karin_gerber our Twitter Chat morderator :)

Sepsis is associated with increased morbidity, mortality and cost of care. Sepsis can develop very quickly and if high risk patients are not identified and treated promptly, people can be left with debilitating problems and in the worst cases, they may die. The profile of early sepsis recognition and timely appropriate treatment & management has significantly increased over the last couple of years with NICE publishing quality standard and guidelines in the general management of sepsis. My questions to twitter sphere as part of our #icusepsis twitter chat in November was: "Is there a difference between a patient presenting to the ED department with sepsis and the patient developing new sepsis in ICU? and if so, do we treat the ICU patient any differently?"

Thanks to all those that took part in a very informative discussion that covered our varying experiences of the recognition and treatment of the patient in ICU who develops sepsis. It was very exciting to see / hear about 3 varying clinical trails that's currently being undertaken in some ICU's: 

- 65-Trail https://www.icnarc.org/Our-Research/Studies/Sixty-Five/About

- TEST-IT: https://ukctg.nihr.ac.uk/trials/trial-details/trial-details?trialNumber=ISRCTN97997760 

- ADAPT: http://www.staffnet.manchester.ac.uk/services/rbess/governance/clinicaltrials/uomclinicaltrialsportfolio/infectionandimmunity/adapt/.

Looking forward to seeing the outcome of these trials.


If you and any of your colleagues want to learn more about Twitter and / or how to take part in a Twitter chat why not join the BACCN on the 5th of December. Looking forward to helping you get you started on your Twitter journey, and join in on the conversation...


@Karin Gerber

BACCN National Board

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