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Posted by Administrator on December 14, 2016

BACCN Twitter Chat #ACCP 6th December 2016

First of all I must apologise to you all for the slightly delayed start on Tuesday night. I was trying to multi task and moderate this chat from work - and as you might have guessed it didn't work out as planned. So I'm eternally grateful to my fellow BACCN Board Members who stepped in and started us off, and to all of you for waiting patiently for us the start !! That's great T.E.A.M work!

Advanced Care Practitioners is seen as a key element of the current workforce transformation being undertaken by Health Education for England, with the "Advanced Critical Care Practitioner" role developing at a very fast pace due to the ever increasing workforce & training issues within the field of Critical Care. This has subsequently led to a wide variation within its application especially with regards to the education level required, overall job description and pay bands across the UK, and similarly to many other advanced practice roles within nursing we're still not in the position where these roles are being accredited by the NMC (such as the case for non-medical prescribing). Of note the RCN is now starting a voluntary accreditation scheme for advanced practice roles - follow the link for more information on this: (click here)

Like with so many other instances where advanced roles are being developed without proper accreditation, it often leads to confusion across the board, but in particular for patients and family members. To mitigate this the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) has attempted to address some of these issues by setting clear requirements for any Advanced Critical Care Practitioner to achieve FICM Associate Membership status, and just this week they published a statement https://www.ficm.ac.uk/news-events-education/news/advanced-critical-care-practitioners clarifying their position on this subject

For many established ACCP's, those still in training, alongside those that's interested in taking on this role and or introduce it within our units it's important to achieve standardisation within its application, not just for the organisations and practitioners involved, but more importantly for our patients. Similarly to Critical Care Outreach roles, the development of ACCP's has provided many Critical Care nurses (practitioners) an alternative career progression pathway other than that of the traditional roles of management and or education. But this can be seen as controversial by some, as we are moving towards a more medical model of working, potentially moving us away from nursing.

Like with so many other subjects we are all facing the same issues and its only by continuing to talk about it (such as taking part in our Twitter chats), and sharing our experiences that we become a stronger voice to shape the role to what we want it to be, but more importantly to what will most benefit our patients within critical care, so once again thank you very much to all those that participated.

Remember you can use the storify version as part of a reflection for your revalidation! Click here to see the storify.

Our next BACCN Twitter Chat will take place on the 3rd of January 2017 when we discuss the use of patient diaries within ICU. So till then have a lovely x-mas and see you all in 2017.

Many thanks
Karin Gerber
BACCN (National Board)

PS: Remember to sign up for #BACCNConf2017 - share your good work with everyone by submitting an abstract.





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