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Posted by Administrator on March 13, 2017

BACCN Twitter Chat: #baccnmobility

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As a clinical band 7 in Critical Care, early mobilisation of the ventilated patient is a subject close to my heart. On a daily basis I see how important it is for patients to engage with the physiotherapists and nurses at the bedside. The mental and physical benefits of sitting them out in a chair even if for a short time or taking a walk around the unit for the first time are always positive signs that the patient has passed through the acute phase of there ICU stay and on the way to recovery and when I see these things it never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

It was my first time facilitating a Twitter Chat and it was quite a intense and lively hour for me. It brought up a whole wealth of issues related to the early mobilisation of ventilated patients in ICU such as; risk assessments, perceptions of ICU care, the real benefits to the patients, staffing, education/training, ward round discussion and nursing experience.

In my first job in ICU it was normal practice for the ICU nurse to wash the patient then were possible sit them with sometimes the help of the physios. I have subsequently moved jobs and worked in more acute units. This experience has shown me the importance of early mobilsation on a daily basis and I feel it is imperative that it is high on the agenda of ward rounds and part of the ICU nurses patient plans for the day. Experienced ICU nurses should be leading by example and encouraging new and less experienced nurses to mobilise the patients.
It is important that we all continue to discuss early mobilisation of the ventilated patient highlighting the benefits, looking at the barriers and finding ways to overcome them.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the chat.

Patricia McCready

Our next Twitter chat will take place on the 4th April between 7-8pm where we'll be discussing Open Visiting in ICU #baccnvisit


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