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Posted by Administrator on February 8, 2017

February Twitter Chat report #MatCC

As a trained midwife this is a subject that’s close to my heart. Being in Critical Care is #MatCC_worldcloud.pngnearly always unexpected and are often fraught with extreme fear & stress for both the patient and her family. They often experience frustration, disempowerment and shock (following the immediate emergency) alongside potentially long-term psychological and physical problems as a consequence.

#MatCC brought together the two vitally important groups that's directly involved with the care of not just the critically ill obstetric patient but the newborn baby as well: the Midwifery team and the Critical Care practitioners. Both these teams play an essential role in managing the critically ill maternal patient whether that's early on in the pregnancy due to common medical conditions and or further down the line during the final stages of labour when we are faced with problems directly related to the birth. Its important that both groups have an understanding of each others world in order to deliver timely, safe and compassionate care to both mother and baby.

Conversations such as this highlights the need for joint training and shared learning especially with regards to facilitation of bonding between the new mother and her baby, as well as with regards to more long term physical and psychological effects of critical illness. There are already some excellent information available to families through websites such as Heatlhtalk.com:

I'm really hoping we'll continue our joint passion for maternal critical care by perhaps sharing some of the excellent work that's already being done across the country at our upcoming annual conference in London #BACCNConf2017.

To veiw the Storify version of the chat, please CLICK HERE

Our next Twitter chat will take place on the 7th of March between 7-8pm where we'll be discussing the mobilisation of the the ventilated patient #baccnmobility.

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