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Posted by Administrator on May 25, 2017

BACCN Twitter Chat - May 

#baccntherapy twitter chat report thanks to @karentheicued

The main points were that using therapies such as pat dogs enhances the psychological support and care we give to patients in ICU. Much of the discussion was around pat dogs or the patients own dog visit them in ICU. I for one consider my dog as a family member and would want him to visit me if I was a long term patient in ICU. Good psychological care whilst the patient is in the unit helps with the patients rehabilitation post ICU.

For myself this twitter chat has been completely invaluable - it's great to share good practice with one another so we can give our patients the highest quality of care. It's also reassuring to know people may have the same pitfalls as others and we can also use the twitter chats as a means of reflection and promoting best practice. I’ve have made some many useful contacts being part of this chats - I enjoy the debates immensely





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