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Welcome, Nursing in Critical Care is a peer-reviewed journal that is at the forefront of critical care nursing and is central to the BACCN's philosophy of promoting personal and professional development in the art and science of critical care nursing. The journal is edited by John W. Albarran and Professor Julie Scholes with contributions from a number of national and international figures within critical care nursing.

The aims of Nursing in Critical Care are to improve standards in patient care and to develop excellence in practice through the dissemination of accessible, high quality and scholarly publications. Additionally, papers published within the journal seek to advance and extend understanding of clinical practice and theory and to support the application of knowledge to influence patient outcomes.

The journal provides opportunity for critical care nurses and others to share ideas and knowledge through publication. The coverage of the journal deals with a range of current and unusual topics of relevance to adult and paediatric critical care nurses, we have an increasing number of evidence based papers from international authors as these can provide inspiration for local practice development. Over the past years the journal's international profile has gained prominence and is now included in a number of databases.

The introduction of new features such as 'Thinking outside the box' and 'Case Reviews' will expand the appeal and clinical focus of the papers in the journal. These developments are in direct response to our readers' feedback and we welcome letters and constructive critical feedback to ensure the journal meets the needs of the BACCN membership.

Nursing in Critical Care welcomes papers from any member of the critical care team we especially encourage papers focused on clinical issues, and in particular nursing care. These papers can be literature reviews, clinical papers, research papers, case studies - indeed the whole range of written material which maintains and stimulates debate and practice development.

Members of the editorial board work closely with authors to ensure that the quality of articles we accept in our journal is maintained. If you wish to submit an article for publication we would like to hear from you. Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the journal guidelines and must be submitted on-line. The guidelines for publication details of how to submit can be found on the inside cover of Nursing in Critical Care or visit the journals home page at Blackwell Publishing web site.

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Professor Julie Scholes - click to read more

Professor Julie Scholes, RN DipN DANS MSc (Nursing) D.Phil is Professor of Nursing, Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Research, University of Brighton.

Julie's clinical background is in critical care nursing. Since 1987 she has been in nurse education and since 1993 her primary role has been in research. She is particularly interested in practice developments that arise from the implementation of research findings. Her research activities link back to the way in which education impacts upon the development of practice and she prides her self on the fact that much of her research is conducted in practice settings. She has been co - editor for Nursing in Critical Care since 2003.

John W. Albarran - click to read more

John W. Albarran, RN, Dip N (Lon), PG Dip Ed, MSc (Advanced Nursing Practice), NFESC is Principal Lecturer in Critical Care, Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of the West of England, Bristol.

John's clinical background encompasses intensive care, coronary care and renal nursing, and he was a charge nurse for a period of eight years. In 1993 John became involved in nurse education where he began to build a profile around clinical research. The mainstay of John's research activity and publications has focused on descriptions of cardiac symptoms, advanced nursing practice, resuscitation and professional issues. John is particularly commited to working with practitioners in order to investigate research questions that influence and improve the delivery of patient care. John has co-edited three texts around critical care practice and has been co-editor of Nursing in Critical Care since 2000.

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