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 Code Blue Nurses

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Code Blue Nurses London is in its twelth year finding Critical Care Nurses extra work and greater quality of life choices. We have always aimed to create an optimistic environment where nurses feel appreciated and can clinically excell. 

Nurses have the choice of extra shifts in the NHS but we also pride ourselves as being a Tier 1 supplier to all the ITU, NICU, PICU and Paediatric units throughout the HCA group. Alongside this we supply most other Private Hospital Critical Care Units in London.

We have long supported the BACCN conferences in years gone by and enjoyed doing so.

We pride ourselves in the quality of the nurses that work with us and strive give them the type of shifts they want. It’s not all about Code Blue Nurses; it’s about being part of the Critical Care nursing industry and trying to make a difference for us all

We are easily found at www.codebluenurses.co.uk or 0208 579 3388


Stryker Patient Handling: Treatment and Transport

The demands on healthcare professionals have never been greater—heavier patients, longer transports, demanding patients, and an expectation to perform with fewer hands on deck. Caregivers are forced to do more with less.

At the same time, hospitals are now under increasing pressure to improve efficiency and capitalise on cost- and time-saving activities.

Stryker has the Prime Solution to help you address these needs. Our Prime-Series Stretchers are designed to ensure your safety and efficiency while enhancing the patient experience. Prime is BackSmart. It can be instrumental in reducing caregiver injuries on the job, allowing you to focus on caring for patients in a comfortable manner. 

Nursing injuries are expensive for healthcare organizations and can shorten careers. Most injuries occur while repositioning, lifting or moving patients. Stryker Prime is designed to help reduce or eliminate awkward body positions that can lead to injury, by incorporating ergonomic and electric functionality.

Stryker Patient Care

When it comes to choosing products for patient rooms, it is important to select a product that represents the standard of care.

Stryker’s Patient Care portfolio focuses on quality and prevention with a proven, performance based approach that impacts both clinical and financial outcomes for healthcare facilities. Stryker has launched over 10 new Patient Care products in the past 3 years, including a new hospital bed that can be versatilely used in both general ward and critical care settings, support surfaces with pressure ulcer solutions, and patient room furniture.